Safety Services

The following safety services are provided by ACIG to assist our Members in their safety program development and reduction in their losses.  This outline is only a summary of services.  Please contact the Safety Division for more detailed information.

  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Contractor-specific safety initiatives and goal setting
  • Company-specific risk assessments
  • Sponsor and conduct semi-annual Safety/Claims Management Workshops
  • Management support, guidance, thought leadership and goal setting
  • On-site training and speaking engagements
  • Conduct peer group networking meetings
  • Statistical analysis and data trending
  • Program development and technical support
  • Safety culture evaluations
  • Perception surveys
  • Safety Committee participation
  • High-risk project analysis
  • Trade contractor assessments
  • Contract and gap analysis
  • ACIG Sharing Knowledge (ASK) - Member sharing platform (username and password required)