Risk Management



The overarching goal for the Risk Management Services Department is to anticipate and solve problems before they result in an adverse impact to the ACIG Members.This has resulted in innovative solutions to some seemingly intractable industry issues.

Some of the key initiatives as services from RMS are noted below:

  • Review Owner contracts and analyze the risk allocation in the document and work with the Contractor in identifying the risks and providing an appropriate risk charge to be included in the bid.
  • Conduct on-site subcontractor compliance audits. This involves the review of the subcontract document, the actual certificates of insurance, the contract administration system and a report to management with recommendations.
  • Provide up-to-date financial information about the Contractor's participation in the ACIG Program. This would include the analysis of shareholder equity, retro calculations and loss detail.
  • Provide training and education to the Contractor's staff in the areas of risk management, estimating, project delivery methods and their liability exposure; i.e. Design/Build, Construction Management and Turnkey (Design/Build, Finance and Operate).
  • Manage all of the policy documents: binders, certificates, policies, endorsements, policy summaries, billings, audits, retro calculations and statistical filings.
  • Collect underwriting data necessary to prepare the annual renewal proposal. This includes collecting updated previous carrier and OCIP carrier loss runs and updated exposure estimates (payroll, receipts, power units, etc.) and calculation of loss rates and test experience modifiers.
  • Prepare and deliver the annual renewal proposal.
  • Group Professional/Pollution Liability Program
  • CCIP Program - both general liability and workers' compensation
  • Master Builders Risk
  • Subcontractor Default Insurance
  • Project Completion Policy Form
  • Group Umbrella Program