How We Are Different


When it comes to "reducing losses", what makes the ACIG experience different?
"ACIG’s mission is to save lives, prevent injuries and reduce the overall cost of risk and insurance for its Members."
So . . . what does ACIG do that's so special?
  • The Safety Culture in the ACIG operation is designed by Contractors, monitored by Contractors for the sole benefit of Contractors.  ACIG is not a generalist when it comes to construction safety and risk management. . .all we focus on is Contracting.
  • Our professional quality consultants all have many years of practical experience developed on a variety of different projects.
  • The ACIG Claims Department Staff is organized to handle complex construction claims.  When a large occurrence happens, a "SWAT Team" comprised of the Member's key people and ACIG’s key people is immediately dispatched to the accident scene, preserving evidence, establishing strategy and setting up a well thought out action plan to get the best result possible given the facts of the occurrence.  
  • ACIG focuses its Members on the importance of risk transfer and contract document administration. ACIG believes that its team of risk management consultants are knowledgeable about indemnity provisions and insurance requirements.
  • All the above are supported by an evolving set of Best Practices.
What else does ACIG "bring to the table" for our company in addition to the reduction of losses described above?
Having a stable market, and benefiting from group purchasing power are key strategic goals for our Members.
Focusing on creating equity, your shareholder's equity in ACIG is developed by your initial capital contribution upon joining and two types of "operating results" of the enterprise.  These four categories are referred to as "the four POTS " of equity that you create within ACIG:
Pot One Initial Capital Contribution
Pot Two

Underwriting Profit
- Earned in retro subject layer on your business
- Allocation of underwriting profit earned on risk layer pooled with all contractors

Pot Three Investment Income
- Earned in retro subject layer on your business
- Allocation of investment income earned on risk layer pooled with all contractors
Pot Four Pooled Activities Account
All of ACIG’s resources are focused on maximizing your results in the Pots Two, Three and Four outlined above.