Commitment By Members

  •  Purchase of common stock in a total amount of $75,000 when the commitment is made (non-refundable).
  • Purchase of a ten-year, interest-bearing debenture based on approximately 10% of the first-year premiums at the time insurance is placed.
  • Placement of business for first three years.
  • Commitment to achieve a 10% underwriting margin on net premiums to ACIG. ACIG uses retrospective rating plans with three year terms.
  • During the fourth, fifth, and sixth years, business must be placed with ACIG or a maintenance fee of 2.5% of the average annual premiums during the three previous years of active participation is to be paid.
  • After six years, there are no further obligations to purchase insurance.
  • There are penalties for default, primarily 50% reduction in equity interest.
  • Members are subject to calls for pro rata capital contributions - although only one capital call has ever been made and that was in 1985.