The William and Shirley McIntyre Scholarship

As you may be aware, Shirley and I have established four (4) undergraduate scholarships with the AGC Education and Research Foundation in recognition and appreciation of the success of the ACIG Group and as a way to pay some construction industry dues. 

We have requested that these scholarships be made available on a priority basis to employees and children of employees of ACIG clients who are pursuing a degree in construction management.
All applications must be submitted online. Beginning July 1, 2018, applications may be obtained through the AGC website at AGC Scholarship ApplicationIn order to be given special consideration for the William and Shirley McIntyre scholarship, please have your applicant answer affirmatively to the question in regards to ACIG affiliation.  The applicant will need to include who is affiliated and what company.

All of these steps will help to identify your applicant as a priority candidate.  In addition, if you wish to contact Foundation Director Melinda Patrician with questions about your application or to ensure that she knows that you are affiliated with ACIG you may reach her at or 703-837-5342.  

Please be aware that the application deadline is November 1, 2018.  Applications must be completed and submitted to the AGC online as instructed on the Undergraduate Criteria pageAll William and Shirley McIntyre scholarship finalists are notified by email in February 2019.  Recipients are selected upon completion of a personal interview with an AGC contractor in your area.  If your applicant is awarded a scholarship, he/she will be notified in March 2019 and awards will be received prior to the September 2019 semester.
Please put the word out to your employees that the William and Shirley McIntyre scholarships are available to individuals who qualify.  In addition we would appreciate being notified via email if you know of someone who applies.
Yours very truly,
William S. McIntyre